* The above prices are calculated per ton and are based on the selling price in Malaysia

Fertilizer efficacy period

According to world statistics, the global fertilizer demand in 2021 will be about 210 million tons,
and it is believed that it will continue to grow strongly in the future.

The following is calculated in metric tons

Domestic production quantity

Import Volume

Total Demand

Traget:First Phase 500 unit

1.Each investor can pre order a maximum of 50 units

2.RM10,000 per unit

Pre-order terms :

1.Purchase one set at RM10,000.00 to enjoy this package discount

1.After the investors make the payment, the company will submit a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to the accounting firm for review. All expenses will be divided equally between the investors and the company




1.This share unit is calculated at RM0.10 each unit

2.Investor will receive 100,000 units of shares

3.Dividends calculated based on the company’s stock value after one year

4.Dividends will be distributed based on the company’s net profit after two years




If the company has new offerings in the future, existing investors will be granted preferential rights

Issue and Expiry Date

Effective immediately from the date of issuance

The expiry date is 2 months OR achieving a pre order target of 500 units

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