Mr Miow Kit Fong

Chairman / Founder

Fertilizer is a necessity that must be used all over the world, and it shows a huge increase of demand every year. We have started our Research and Development in the last 7 years, in search of the best solid solution to counter the long going problem that our farmer facing. That’s include fertilizer, probiotic ingredients and plantation management model. With the team selfless efforts, we have successfully developed the Natural Probiotic Fertilizer and a set of advanced Plantation Management Model.

In order to determine the effectiveness, along the years we have supply our sample for the local plantation and it come back with a promising and unprecedented result. Its yield is about 40% more than before and fruits taste was very rich. It also shown that there was a decrease of infection, such as; physiological diseases, insect pests by more than 90%.

In the current application of chemical fertilizers around the world, I believe that everyone knows how much it will do harm to us. When the chemical fertilizer exposes in the sun, it will evaporate into air, soil will become compacted, produce lots of heavy metals and the soil become very much acidic, that the plant will not grow as healthy as it was. End of the day, we are consumer.

But we can ensure that our natural probiotic fertilizer is never going to happen that way. If the fertilizer is used correctly, the insect infestation is gone. The small trees are getting bigger, the big trees are no longer sick and most importantly, it is much safer to be consume by us.