The Prime Objectives

As a leading-edge in research and development of natural probiotics fertilizers, the company fully recognizes the importance of environmental responsibility and sustainable solutions. In order to fulfill the responsibility of “improving environmental management”, we have adopted a series of stringent measures to maximize the sustainability of our processes and business processes.

Environmental policy

Natural Probiotics Fertilizers advocates the concept of “working together for a greener, more sustainable future”. In line with our responsibility to promote a sustainable environment, we have developed an environmental policy based on three core values.


The company is set to fulfills its corporate social responsibility for the community. Our activities in this area extend from ensuring optimal environmental conditions to improving health and safety.

Monitor Environmental Impact

Our policy requires an assessment of the environmental impact of all processes. To increase productivity and reduce energy consumption, we actively invest in new technologies that are cleaner and safer.


Promote Optimal Agronomic Practices

The purpose of the company’s upgrading of agronomic norms is to ensure the safety and optimal results of fertilizer use. To carry out this function, we advise our clients on the best methods of transport, storage and handling, taking into account environmental conditions. In addition, we will improve our tailor-made fertilization technology to ensure that the amount of fertilizer applied exactly matches the actual needs of the plant.


Protect the environment

This part of the policy focuses on the protection of the natural environment. In order to achieve environmentally friendly operations, we also provide relevant training for all employees and are equipped with the necessary upmost facilities. Based on its responsibility to protect the environment, the Company also requires ensuring that all facilities and tools meet all legal requirements with the aim of conserving energy and water resources.