What is Core technology

Our core technology is to combine fertilizers with bacteria, allowing the bacteria and fertilizers to undergo secondary fermentation in the soil. In this scenario, it can address issues such as heavy metals and soil compaction while also improving and structure. We have also developed another fertilizer that’s emits a strong fragrance and can enhance soil looseness. Furthermore, our technology has the capability to restore all fruits to their original traditional flavors. These three technologies are the core of our innovation.

Our product is an innovative fertilizer that combines fertilizer with beneficial bacteria.

Every square inch of our fertilizer contains 18 million beneficial bacteria, enabling a secondary fermentation process in the soil.

Compared to similar products has the following competitive advantages:

Soil Issue Resolution

Our product effectively addresses soil problems such as heavy metal contamination and compaction. Through the synergistic action of bacteria and fertilizers, heavy metals are removed from the soil, soil compaction is improved, providing a healthier growth environment for plants.

Soil Texture Enhancement

Our product promotes soil loosening. Through secondary fermentation, the interaction of bacteria and fertilizers disperses soil particles, improves soil structure, enhances soil aeration, water retention, creating a more suitable growth environment.

Unique Fragrance

Our product also boasts a unique fragrance. This rich aroma not only provides a pleasant experience but also attracts beneficial microorganisms, promoting the establishment of soil ecological balance.

Restoration of Original Flavor

Our product restores fruits to their original, nostalgic flavors. By providing a nutrient-rich soil environment, plants produce fruits with purer, natural flavors, delivering a unique taste and satisfaction to consumers.

In conclusion, our product through the fusion of fertilizer technology with bacteria, addresses soil issues, enhances soil texture, features a unique fragrance, and restores the original flavor of fruits.

These advantages set our product apart in its category, providing users with a more efficient, environmentally friendly, and distinctive solution.

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