MG Formula Sdn. Bhd.‘s core business is divided into two distinct areas, namely the development of agricultural-related products, specialising in fertilisers, plant nutrition, soil restructuring, etc. fertilisers, plant nutrition, soil restructuring, etc. Secondly, MG Formula Sdn. Bhd. has also developed an advanced model of plantation management that is sure to benefit farmers, consumers and others in this new era of food industry production. In this new era of food industry production, it is sure to benefit everyone, including farmers, consumers and others.

While healthy plants need the right fertilisers and the right nutrition, as well as good soil conditions to grow, we cannot ignore that good field management also plays an important role in stable and sustainable agricultural production, and the two are inextricably linked. It is strongly recommended to balance the implementation of the needs of both areas. We are committed to educating and assisting the agronomic community with the utmost sincerity.

Research & Development

MG Formula Sdn. Bhd. has an innovative research and development team headed by the Chairman himself. This is to ensure that we produce the most advanced speciality fertilisers and plant protection methods, as well as developing the most advanced nutritional solutions.

Our R&D team is committed to improving the environmental friendliness of our plant nutrition and plant protection methods and services by developing new technologies without compromising on efficiency. Our research and development activities achieve maximum results in terms of both safeguarding our customers’ return on investment and protecting the environment