A Must-Have for the World - Fertilizer

The new strategy to feed the world according to International Fertilizer Development Enter (IFDC) for the year 2020-2030

Soil and plant nutrition needs to be
fundamentally improved by 2030

Creating a more food-secure,
environmentally sustainable world

Humanity today envisions a world where healthy soils and plants meet these challenges,
including hunger, malnutrition and poverty replaced by food security, nutrition and profitable production

Strengthen Market

Strengthen market system to scale technologies and improve livelihoods, environmental outcomes and climate resilience

Develop Better Technologies

Develop, test and adapt technologies that improve soil health and plant nutrition.

Enable Impact

Enable impact by improving policies, strengthening capacity and sharing knowledge.

Catalyze Farm Productivity

Increase farm productivity, profitability and sustainability of target smallholder agriculture system.

The World's First – Natural Probiotic Organic Fertilizer

It was born with our determination of upholding a firm belief

Combine the fertilizer and the bacteria, so that the bacteria and the fertilizer can be fermented in the soil for a second time

Adds a rich flavor of fruit

Brings all fruits back to their original taste

90% fewer diseases and pests

Production increased by 40%

Improve soil condition, loose soil

Fertilizer in Market (RM)

Natural Probiotic Fertilizer (RM)

Natural Probiotic Fertilizer
Within 3 to 6 months
RM 3000RM 2800
Small Tree with 15 days | Big tree within 30 to 45 day